History of MP3


Mp3 technology was developed by a German Company Fraunhofer –Gesellshaft which now licenses the patent rights to the audio compression technology.

There are two names mostly associated with the development of the MP3. The Fraunhofer institute helped with the audio encoding buy Dieter Seitzer, a professor at the University of Erlanger. Dieter Seitzer worked on the quality transfer of music over a standard phone line. This research was being led by Karl Heinz Branden Burg who is also called the “father of MP3”. Karl Heinz was a specialist in mathematics and electronics and was involved in researching methods to compress music since 1977.

Timeline of MP3
In 1987, the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany began research code named Eureka project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting.
In the month of January 1988, Moving Pictures Expert Group or MPEG was established as a subcommittee of the International standards organization.
In April 1989, a German patent was received by Fraunhofer for MP3.
In the year 1992, Fraunhofer’s and Dieter Seitzer’s audio encoding algorithm was integrated into MPEG -1
In the year 1993, MPEG-1 standard was published.
In 1994, MPEG-2 was developed and published a year later.
In the month of November 1996, United States patent was issued for MP3.
In September 1998, Fraunhofer started to enforce their patent rights whereby all developers of MP3 encoders or rippers were obliged to pay a licensing fee to Fraunhofer.
In February 1999, a record company named SubPop started to distribute music tracks in MP3 format.
In the same year portable mp3 players appeared.

Power of Mp3
Mp3 stands for MPEG Audio Layer 3 and it is a standard for audio compression that makes any music file smaller with little or no loss of sound quality. MPEG sound encoding can shrink down the original sound data from a CD by a factor of 12, without losing the sound quality.

Mp3 players
In the early 1990, Fraunhofer developed the first and unsuccessful mp3 player. Later in 1997, developer Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia products invented the AMP MP3 playback engine that was the first successful MP3 player.

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